Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish dish cloths are superabsorbent cloths that far outperform regular cotton rags, paper towels and sponges because they are so light and absorbent!

  • Easy to clean – place in dishwasher on top rack, in the washer machine, or microwave WET for 2 minutes to disinfect
  • 100% Biodegradable – breaks down within 6 weeks in home compost, 16 weeks in a commercial landfill.
  • Absorbs 15 times its weight – outlasts 16 sheets of paper towels…save money & help protect our environment.
  • Lasts for at least 6 months – in a standard home
  • Many creative uses – wash dishes, clean windows, crystal, use as a washcloth in shower & many…many more ideas!

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  • Swedish Dishcloth - Pinecone | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    SKU WC1008

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Hello Fall | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Hello Fall
    SKU WC1042

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Red Snowflake | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Red Snowflakes
    SKU WC1043

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Pumpkin Patch | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Pumpkin Patch
    SKU WC306

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Polar Bear | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Polar Bear
    SKU WC1045

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Winter Country | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Winter Country
    SKU WC1046

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Winter Chicken | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Winter Chicken
    SKU WC421

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Dog Lover | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Dog Lover
    SKU WC417

  • Swedish Dishcloth - Rows of Acorns | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Rows of Acorns
    SKU WD1040


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Swedish Dishcloth



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