Frosty Friends

Hallmark's Frosty Friends has been around since their ornament collection started in 1981. There are many more ways to collect your favourite holiday characters this christmas season.

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  • Frosty Friends - Frost and Penguin Plush | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty and Penguin Plush
    SKU 1XKT1825

  • Frosty Friends - Frosty Dated Firgurine | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Dated Figurine
    SKU 1XKT1828

  • Frosty Friends - Frosty Igloo Snow globe  | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Igloo Snow Globe
    SKU 1XKT1826

  • Frosty Friends - Frosty Treat Jar  | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Treat Jar
    SKU 1XKT1829

  • Frosty Friends - Frosty Good Friends Mug | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Good Friends Mug
    SKU 1XKT1831

  • Frosty Friends - Frosty Igloo Mug | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Igloo Mug
    SKU 1XKT1830

  • Frosty Friends - Polar Bear - Limited Edition  | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Frosty Friends Polar Bear Itty Bitty - Limited Edition
    SKU 1KDD1317


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Frosty Friends



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