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Christmas Recordable Storybook

Let your little ones enjoy the luxury of hearing your voice while they read their favourite book with you being near or far with these awesome Christmas time recordable storybooks!



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  • You're our gift, Grandchild Holiday Recordable storybook, Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    You're Our Gift, Grandchild
    SKU 1KOB8139C

  • Great Joy: A Book of Christmas Blessings Recordable Storybook

    Great Joy: A Book of Christmas Blessings Recordable Storybook
    SKU 1XKT1404

  • The Greatest Gift: A story of the nativity holiday recordable storybook, Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    The Greatest Gift: A Story of the Nativity
    SKU 1KOB1079

  • At Christmastime and Always, I Love You | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    At Christmastime & Always, I Love You
    SKU 1KOB1076

  • Under the Same Christmas Star | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    Under the Same Christmas Star
    SKU 1KCX1002

  • A Christmas Wish for My Grandchild | Hallmark Awesome Gifts

    A Christmas Wish For My Grandchild
    SKU 1KOB1216



This item is no longer available.

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