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  1. Keepsake Power Cord

    Bring your Magic Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to life with more power, more excitement and more fun with this keepsake power cord.
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  2. Keepsake Ornament Magic Cord

    Oohs and aahs abound when a Hallmark ornament Magic Cord is around.
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  3. Miniature Ornament Hooks

    Good things come in small packages—like our mini Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments! These hooks are the perfect way to hang your mini ornaments on your tr
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  4. Keepsake Ornament Hooks

    Display all of your favorite memories—and all of your new Hallmark ornaments—with these sturdy hooks.
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  5. Multi-Ornament Hangers

    Easily hang up to three of your favourite Hallmark ornaments together from one of these special hooks.
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  6. Do-it-yoursELF Screwdriver and Batteries Kit

    You may not be able to get Santa's elves to come help with your Hallmark Christmas ornaments—they're pretty busy this time of year—but we have the
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