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  1. Children of the Inner Light Mugs • Animal

    These beautiful mugs each feature the delightful and enchanting Children of the Inner Light® animals. A meaningful gift for that special dog or cat l
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  2. Mischievous Kittens Ornament

    Every cat owner will want to add this Hallmark Christmas tree ornament to their collection.
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  3. Forever My Friend Ornament

    Pets holds a special place in our hearts after they are gone. This Hallmark ornament is a small token of remembrance for our furry friends. Add a pers
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  4. African-American Happy Memories Father Christmas Ornament

    This ornate, old-world Santa Claus Hallmark Christmas tree ornament carries a scroll in his pack that bears a reminder of the happy and lasting memori
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  5. Kitty Cat 2018 Photo Ornament

    Add your favorite feline friend to your holiday decorations with this cute Hallmark Christmas tree ornament.
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  6. Christmas Cat Solar Motion Ornament

    Celebrate your feline friend's mischievous habits with this adorable Hallmark Christmas tree ornament featuring a black and white cat playing with a g
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