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Easter 2019

Celebrate Easter on April 21 2019.

Easter marks the celebration of renewal and rebirth. Some people will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Some families will go to church on Easter Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ awakening. The resurrection symbolizes the eternal life. Easter is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. Nowadays, people spend their Easters participating in Easter egg hunts, where the Easter bunny will lay his chocolate for all the children to find. It is the one time a year where eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner is encouraged. But we of course we have to leave room for the feasting that happens at supper. Just like Christmas, Easter dinner is filled with family favourites. Easter also marks the perfect time to welcome the warmer weather of spring. Dyeing eggs is associated with the festivals and celebrations of spring and often given as gifts to friends and family. Eggs are the symbolic meaning of rebirth and renewal which is why they are also correlates with Easter.

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