Cottage Garden Candle Warmers

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Elanze is introducing a new way to enjoy the scent of candles. Pick one of our three electric warmers. A night light or a jar warmer will allow you to enjoy all scents in a safe environment.

Made in ceramic stoneware these beautiful designs allow you to enjoy the fragrances of candles in a very safe environments.

Our night lights work with the standard 110V 3 prong outlet and uses a replaceable bulb to melt the warm wax tarts. Our jar warmer allows you to slip your favourite candle in its large opening. Finally our 2 in 1 candle/wax and oil warmers allows you to use wax tarts, wax cubes, scented oils, soy beads, potpourri and more by using the top dish. The 2 in 1 also allows you to remove the top dish and place a candle directly on the surface. You may even like to put your coffee mug there instead.


Materials: Ceramic Stoneware


Width: varies
Height: varies
Length: varies


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