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Terramundi Money Pot

Terramundi Money Pots are hand thrown on a wheel at a small, family run pottery in Umbria, Italy, and based on a design that's been unchanged for over 2000 years. Hand painted and personalized in England, they make the perfect gift for any occasion.

The original money pot. Terramundi Money Pots are not only pretty to look at, they're a great way to save money! Handcrafted in Italy, and painted by hand in England. These money pots can also be customized to suit your specific goals.

This money pot has a lucky coin in it to help start your savings off. When you are done with your pot, you get to SMASH IT!! When it is broken and the money spent on good things, (including a new money pot) your wish will come true.


Materials: Terracotta, Paint
Feature: Comes with a fortune token inside
Holds up to $500.00 in dimes, nickels, and quarters


Width: 15.00 cm
Height: 20.0 cm
Length: 13.00 cm