Itty Bitty

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Itty Bittys, Hallmark has created “stuffies” that fit little hands and allow your child to take a favourite character everywhere.

There’s a lot of love for itty bittys from Hallmark.

We know you will fall in love with these adorable characters.  The shape is unique and fits perfectly in little hands; so easy to take as a friend on every adventure.   Collect them, play with them, or give them to friends and family, you'll find plenty of inspiration, ideas and reasons to get excited about your favourite characters.

itty bittys  make awesome gifts!  Hallmark itty bittys are tiny (four inches tall) plush collectible characters with big appeal for all ages.

Itty bittys provide an affordable and fun gift that appeals to children, as well as to collectors and fans of the different licensed characters.   You can choose from 100 popular characters ranging from favorite super heroes, to princesses, to characters from popular movies.

Hallmark itty bittys make an awesome gift for every occasion or just because!

A perfectly awesome gift! 




Width: varies
Height: varies
Length: varies


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