Precious Moments Birthday Train - Winnie the Pooh

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As part of a series, it is a gift that continues a precious tradition, one that will be looked forward to and then cherished for years to come. A thoughtful first birthday gift that sweetly accents the nursery of any young child.


Material: Cold-cast resin
Meticulously hand painted


Age Width Height Length
1 - Hunny of a Day 4.50 cm 10.00 cm 12.00 cm
2 - Piglet 6.00 cm 7.50 cm 5.50 cm
3 - Eeyore 5.50 cm 8.00 cm 5.50 cm
4 - Roo 5.50 cm 7.00 cm 6.00 cm
5 - Tigger 6.00 cm 8.50 cm 6.00 cm

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  • Diane Taglioli Hura on Aug 3rd, 2019
    I'm looking for the age 4 and 5 pieces. I cannot find them anywhere can anyone help me? Diane
  • Diane Taglioli Hura on Aug 11th, 2019
    I'm looking for Hunny of a Day birthday train age 4 Roo age 5 Tigger I don't mind paying for them but not a crazy price. Thanks diane

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